Video Gaming Trends

Computer games or a video game are an interactive electronic game which involves interaction with an external user interface or input apparatus including a mouse, joystick, gamepad, camera, or fingerprint sensor to make visual output. The term video game also refers to a collection of computer games. Games for consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox are well known, while handheld game consoles such as Nintendo’s Wii are new. There are many genres of computer games ranging from first person shooters and role-playing games to racing games and simulation games.


Computer gaming is divided into two main categories: console and PC. Console gaming involves the use of a game console such as Sony and Nintendo’s consoles to interact with a computer. PC gaming incorporates computer-related tasks such as running applications and playing computer games. Game console manufacturers provide safety settings and other controls that a gamer can use to avoid unnecessary distractions. This prevents the player from becoming easily distracted and increases the possibility of a successful completion of the game.

It is possible for a gamer to spend long hours playing single player video games. However, today’s modern consoles and PCs allow the player to participate in multiplayer gaming. This type of gaming involves the use of internet-connected devices to play with other people through a web browser. Modern consoles and PCs also have video display technology that can show split-screen effects and multiple windows in the same gaming session. This enables a single player to take part in a multiplayer game from the privacy of his or her home.

Computer gaming hardware has evolved significantly over the years, with the advent of personal computers, laptops, tablet computers and other portable devices. Internet access is required for playing most modern games. Gaming consoles, used to play single player computer games, have also been adapted to be used as hand held electronic games consoles. Internet broadband is required to play online games. These gaming consoles have become a real hit with adults who like to play interactive games.

Cloud gaming is a term that is now being widely used by members of the gaming industry to refer to any form of online multiplayer gaming that occurs through the use of networked computers. Online video games played on a cloud computing network are similar to what would happen if you were to play a video game using a dedicated PC. The main difference is that instead of the gamer wearing out and breaking down his or her gaming console to purchase the necessary gaming software and hardware, the gamer plays the game via the Internet.

Most of today’s top selling computer games are designed for use with cloud computing or online gaming platforms. The emergence and widespread popularity of video games on the internet has created a new and different market for which traditional gaming consoles and personal computers are not necessarily competing. In the future it is very likely that all major gaming platforms will be developed as entirely cloud-based. Advances in artificial intelligence may eventually enable video game players to interact with one another using voice and gesture controls.