The Growth of Electronic Sports

E-sports is a kind of competitive gaming with computer games. This has greatly evolved into a popular recreation, especially for the young people today. Esports most often takes the form of multiplayer online game competitions, especially between pro gamers, either individually or together in teams. There are various esport tournaments organized all over the world and quite a few of them are held in the multi-player online role playing games such as World of Warcraft or the War craft series.


Tencent Cyberspace League is the most famous and largest e-sport tournament to date. The Tencent Cyberleague is held in China every year and has a huge prize money up for grabs. There are about a hundred and sixty-four teams in the tournament and they play for the grand prize pool of over one million US dollars. Some of the teams have players from America and Europe.

The organizers of this tournament do a very good job of planning. The event is structured in a way that all the participants have an equal chance of winning. A special regulation of the league makes it mandatory that all the teams register their official registration as early as January first, before the league season starts. Also, there is a kind of preliminary playoff stage, where the best two teams from each division will get a set of four tickets to the main league competition. After this stage, only the finals will be played, without the middle division.

Tencent Cyberleague is the organizer of the said league and they do a very good job in running it. Actually, Tencent Cyberleague is not the only one that does this, but they are the ones who have pretty much built the reputation of being on the top in terms of e-sport organization. In China, there are lots of companies that are related with gaming and they started holding their own tournaments for promotions, and Tencent Cyberleague was one of them.

The background of this league is quite interesting. It was established back in 2021, when China was still relatively new as an e-sport scene. The reason behind the founding of this league is simple: China has a lot of gamers, and the government wanted to help them improve their skills. Through this league, they were able to promote their good players to become national or world famous gamers, and improve the overall image of China as a gaming country. The promotion tencent Cyberleague has been very successful and it even reached the finals stage, where it placed third. This was very satisfying for the organizers, because they have worked so hard to make this thing happen.

We can definitely conclude that e-sport has grown into a huge popularity, especially since it was founded in China. This evolution has allowed even the country’s best gamers to become world famous and have the chance to receive lots of money. Definitely, there is no doubt that this is not just a game for kids, because this has turned out to be a big role for Chinese sport and it can also attract athletes from any place around the world. Definitely, we can say that e-sport has made the world small and smaller.