The Game of Basketball

Basketball is an organized team sport where two teams, usually of at least five players each, against one another on a flat rectangular court with a goal post, usually at the center of the court. Each team has a designated player who shoots the ball into the hoop at the other end of the court. The sport is recognized as a competitive sport by most sports leagues and is the most popular American sport by virtue of its widespread popularity. The sport has evolved through the years into what is now known as basketball with varying rules for each level of play.


Basketball uses a lot of basic rules that are the same for every level, but the scoring procedures are different. At the youth basketball level, the goal is made by hitting the ball into the basket at the other end of the court. If there is any foul during the making of the basket, the offensive team must get involved by taking a free throw attempt. The defensive team makes their basket when they take the free throw and then any shots by the offensive team have to be made from the free throw line. If the game is still going on 1st down, this is called a running clock and the clock will stop when the last player takes a shot.

Shooting hoops and basketball goals are available at most sports stores, home improvement stores, and some discount retailers. The type of basketball hoop you buy depends on your skill level and your budget. A low budget hoop can be made from wood or any other inexpensive material. A more advanced basketball hoop is usually constructed from a combination of aluminum and steel and is very durable and requires a good quality basketball goal to ensure a solid rebound.

Basketball is played similarly to football in that there are several scorers, or players, on both teams. The difference between basketball and football is that in basketball each player has two baskets – one to shoot at the basket and one to dunk the ball. Unlike soccer, basketball does not have a goalie; it is all on the floor. This makes the sport more exciting and competitive.

Unlike basketball, which uses a basket, soccer ball is not allowed in professional leagues. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see younger children playing with soccer balls rather than baskets. Other differences between the two sports include rules and regulations. In soccer, a goal can only be scored once a side of players has crossed the finish line whereas in basketball the goal can be scored multiple times if the ball remains in play after multiple attempts. Most teams play within a set number of regulation games; regulation games are played at a fixed time, generally half an hour, for three periods of ten minutes each.

Unlike many other sports, basketball offers many social aspects to the game aside from winning. Players on teams form friendships and bond over the course of the season. This goes far beyond the game itself, since players are encouraged to be kind and polite to each other during play. As a result, the sport has a large following of fans who cheer their teams on in the arenas and on television. As a result, basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States, second only to baseball.