Popular Sports and Leisure Activities

Association football, also known as just football, is a competitive team sport played between two equally sized teams of eleven players. It is played professionally by more than 250 million players across 200 countries and dependencies, which makes it the most popular sport in the world. This game was originally developed as an international game played between nations, but due to its global popularity now it is played internationally among football teams. However, the term football is not only used to refer to this game, but also to refer to football boots, football shirts, football equipment and football helmets. The term football can also be used to refer to football chants, football rules, playing times, field markings and even certain football celebrities.


Association football is played between teams of professionals or semi-professional players who have been given a given number of ‘points’ after each game. These points are added up to form a season table, and the teams are then grouped together for the league tournaments. The tournament format varies according to the type of football being played, however it typically consists of a round robin format with the winners from each round progressing to the semi finals before the grand final.

The sport of football can be divided roughly into two sections; the English and American football codes. The English football code is played between teams of both professional and amateur status, with the exception of the Welsh regions where amateur football is not recognized. The English football code is played in a rectangular oval field with eleven players on each side, the goal line being three feet outside the center circle. Unlike soccer, a football match in the English Football Association does not use a ball; instead, it is based entirely on formulating a way to get the ball into the opposing team’s goal. The game of football is traditionally played for recreation, with fans showing up at local matches wearing football shirts and accessories to show their support for their favorite team.

Association football also exists in various forms. Association football can be played in public schools, colleges and universities in various forms. Association football is played between teams of about twelve players each. Most professional and popular teams in the world today participate in some form of Association football. Professional football is played in stadiums with artificial pitches called artificial grass and is played for money as well as for sport. A typical professional game of football involves fourteen men or teams, with each team given approximately three minutes each to play.

Rugby is another well-known sport that originated in England. Rugby is an exciting and entertaining sport that involves playing a variation of football with one or more props. Rugby is currently played in different countries by teams of approximately thirty players each, although the standard regulation is thirty-two players per team. Most public schools participate in a version of rugby; a large majority of public schools across the United States have a rugby program.

Various other sports are played, including baseball, basketball, hockey, softball, cricket, motorcar racing and lacrosse. Cricket has developed as a well-known sport played by millions around the globe. Cricket is played between teams of two to six players, with each team playing for three to nine hours at a time. Cricket can also be played as part of a tournament or organized event, such as the World Cricket Cup. Cricket is played in public schools throughout the United States, including high schools and colleges.