How to Get a Sponsorship For an E-Sport Game


How to Get a Sponsorship For an E-Sport Game

E-sports is a rapidly growing form of competitive gaming with computer based consoles playing the main part. Esports nowadays often takes the form of online, multiplayer online video game competitions, usually between international teams, either individually or in tournaments organized by sponsors. This has grown into a multi billion dollar industry in a very short period. With this increase in the popularity of esport there has been an evolution in the way that it is being promoted and catered.

When a new esport becomes popular the sponsors that would normally support that sport wither a small investment or a large one, depending on the status of the team or individual player that they are supporting. In the case of e-sport this would include big time companies that are willing to shell out millions of dollars to guarantee a place in the top e-sport rankings, which would also guarantee a high profile for them in the community. Sponsorships and advertising are integral to any e-sport’s overall success.

With the sponsorship of e-sport teams comes the need to find ways to promote them. While the main goal of a sponsor is to ensure their investment is well protected, they also want to promote their name and brand in any way possible. One way to do this is through the use of media. Articles, blogs, live streaming, press releases, and more are just some of the forms of media used to promote a sponsor. The more the sponsor is publicized the better chance they have of being recognized.

Another way to promote e-sport teams would be to have an affiliated tournament. These tournaments can take the form of international invasions or national championships that pitting one team against another at a single event. Sponsors will offer money, equipment, and other things to help these teams succeed.

Many companies sponsor e-sport events but only a select few of them reach the status of being ‘mainstream’. The sponsors who become ‘mainstream’ are those that have a solid reputation. They have proven themselves over time and with a good track record. They have products that work and they are willing to back the product with their own money. Companies who have been sponsoring e-sport teams for a while usually pick up names that have proven themselves and have a good reputation.

There are many different ways to approach the sponsorship of e-sport teams. It all depends on the strategy that the company has. Some companies will sponsor the teams because they want to increase their marketability or because it is the right thing to do for their company. Other companies won’t sponsor directly because their main goal is not to increase their marketability or because they don’t think it is the right thing to do for their company.