Fortnite Review – How to Play Fortnite Like a Pro

Fortnite is an online computer game developed by Epic Games and published in 2021 for the Apple mobile platform. It’s available in three different game mode models, namely: Story mode, Free Run mode and Endless mode. The player controls one of several fortification units and the objective is to protect them from attack by the monsters. However, the players can also choose to go on a solo mission, which will be more difficult than the others. There are hundreds of levels across various difficulties in the game, and these are further divided into three main categories.


The story mode of fortnite is divided into two acts, with each consisting of five levels. Each act consists of four episodes. The first episode involves the players defending their fort from attack by zombies. They then have to face waves of zombies who will attack again until the last man standing is the last stronghold. However, this episode of the game is the easiest one, as there are few objectives to complete, and it is quite possible to clear the map with very little time.

The second act of the game has the players defending the last stronghold they built. If they manage to defend it, the next episode will start, and the objective is to defend it against waves of zombies once again. Unlike the first act, this one has longer objectives and the amount of time to complete them is quite longer, with some episodes lasting up to four hours. As previously mentioned, the players can play with as many players as they like, with the maximum number being 125 million players. However, this number is exclusive to the game, and it cannot be attained if a single player attempts to play the game.

The third act of the game mode involves a Free Run mode. This is available only to the Nintendo Switch version. It gives the players a chance to experience the fortnite experience from the ground up. However, it is also not possible to build any structures in this mode, which limits the number of options the player has. However, it is not possible for players to acquire any weapons in this game mode. There are no achievements or high scores in this game mode, and it is recommended that players avoid using it unless they absolutely have to.

The fifth act of the game mode involves the usage of three vehicles. These include the usual ones, such as the pickup truck, which can carry up to four players, a mini donkey, which are capable of carrying up to two players at a time, and the tank, which can fire at ranges of more than two hundred meters. It is also possible to obtain a fifth vehicle in this game mode, which is the excavator. All players start with one vehicle, but the more players use it, the higher its price will go. This feature makes this game mode an even more desirable choice for four players, allowing each one to build their own base and determine how much money they want to spend on upgrades.

The sixth and final part of the story involves the invasion of the Machines. Machines, which resemble gigantic robots, attack the cities. The player must eliminate all of these robots in order to survive. Of all the four main game modes, the most difficult one is the Story mode with its hundred million players, making it the ultimate challenge for players.