Fortnite On The Switch

Fortnite is a recent online video game developed by Epic Games & published in 2021. It’s available in three different game modes: Story mode, Free Run mode and competitive match mode. In this article I’ll go through some of the features which make this exciting game so special. Specifically we’ll look at Fortnite’s large scale destruction system and the ability to construct and personalize your own fort. If you’re looking for a nice new online shooting game with a nice selection of maps, this one should definitely be taking up some of your time!


In terms of visuals, it’s probably fair to say that Fortnite is among the best looking games on the market right now. The fact that the game is still in alpha stage, though, doesn’t really change the fact that its visual elements are clearly above par. As it’s a free-to-play battle royale game, there’s not a lot in terms of graphics which really stands out, but what there is it’s quite impressive nonetheless. Given the game’s highly modernized look, though, it’s also clearly influenced by a modernized look in aesthetics as well.

One of the biggest changes from the original Xbox to the Switch, however, is the option to purchase fortnite accessories. As with the original, it’s possible to buy a variety of different weapons, traps, defense systems and more to customize your fort. This allows you to create a very customized playing experience which is sure to be highly enjoyable for fans of this genre.

A big part of the appeal of video games like Fortnite lies in the sense that they can help with hand-eye coordination, which many players of all ages appear to find extremely difficult. The controls of most games, especially those which are based around narrative based experiences, can be particularly challenging for some players. Despite this, it’s clear that the developers of the game recognized this as well and have addressed this accordingly. Fortnite now features a “friendly” mouse aiming system, one which is far less obtrusive than the previous versions which seemed to edge towards finger control. In addition, the improved handling system means that players will have far more control over their actions and can attack opponents more easily.

Another major difference between the Xbox One and Switch is the voice chat options. Where in the original version it was only possible to chat through text-based words, the Switch allows players to make use of voice chat, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest features of any video game. It’s been provided with a microphone, which is capable of registering a number of voice commands. From this, players are able to command their characters to do a range of things, from running into a wall to picking up an item off the floor. Combined with the improved visual effects, voice chat really brings the whole action to life.

The Switch, in comparison to the original Xbox console, also features a hard drive that allows users to save games. This comes in very handy for players who enjoy playing a mixture of video games on the Switch, and it also means that there’s no question of having to re-download anything. Compared to the difficulty of storing large video games on previous consoles, this is a real boon. With voice chat, online challenges, and improved graphics, it’s clear that playing fortnite on the Switch is a far more satisfying experience, and players are sure to get a kick out of it.