Advantages of Having Basketball Courts at Home


Advantages of Having Basketball Courts at Home

Basketball is a popular sport where two teams, usually of five players each, against each other on a circular court, engage in the competition for the ultimate prize: a point. In basketball, the score is calculated based on the total points scored by both teams during the course of an entire game. Each game has three quarters and overtime as well. Each quarter has ten plays. The first quarter is referred to as the playing period and the last quarter is known as the halftime.

The competition takes place on an oval shaped playing area that is surrounded by a perimeter of the basketball court. The basketball goal is situated in the middle of this court. Two goals are capable of being shot from either side of the court. The basketball goal is guarded by two players who are simultaneously standing at their respective ends of the playing area. The players who are guarding the goal are referred to as the defenders and the players who are guarding the playing area are referred to be the forwards.

There are two types of baskets in basketball namely the free throw line basket and the half-court basket. The free throw line basket is the basket located one foot away from the rim whereas the half-court basket is the same basket located one quarter of the court from the free throw line. The player who throws the ball towards the free throw line is known as the shooter while the player who receives the ball but does not shoot it is referred to as the passer. The goal of the basketball game is to make the maximum number of shots and to score the most points. When a player makes a shot, the ball zigzags back and forth between the player and the ball and a new basket is set up.

As compared to other sports, basketball courts tend to be flat and therefore, the floor does not pass through the center. This helps to minimize the possibility of an errant shot. It also helps the basketball team to maintain their momentum. This flat surface is advantageous for indoor and outdoor basketball, because it does not erode quickly or become slippery due to its lack of bounce. An all-terrain basketball court surface has the same characteristics.

If you are looking for a basketball court surface that can withstand rain and snow, it is best to choose a polyethylene turf. It is durable and it does not easily get damaged by ice and snow. Sports enthusiasts choose turf because it gives their team a great playing surface. Turf surfaces have a unique feel compared to concrete, asphalt and grass and it is ideal for both amateur and professional basketball teams.

There are many types of basketball courts available in the market. They are made from different materials such as natural grass, turf, vinyl and synthetic grass. The basketball court surface that you have installed in your home court will depend on the rules and regulations of your local basketball league. Most basketball courts are portable and you can take it with you if you move to a new house or you want to join a traveling basketball team.